Fast RECs & Spray Program Templates

ApRecs makes is easy to write compliant recommendations and provided needed record keeping services to your growers.

Simplify AgChem Records

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Confidential Free Report Customized For You

Easy RECs

Receive RECs from any supplier, write your own, or use templates to reduce errors and streamline work

Label Reference

Mobile label and rate look-up tool with real-time updates. Optionally custom brand for your clients.

Organic, Rate & Market Check

Get instant alerts for organic warnings, rate out of bounds or market access (MRL) issues

Mobile & Offline

Access and share information in the field. Or, use ApRecs offline without Internet Access.

Simplify GAP Compliance

Reuse compliance documents and enable remote audits to save time and reduce interruption at harvest

100% Private

Selective sharing with the industry’s most advanced trust manager