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As a grower-owned, family-centered company, we appreciate the value of a hard-earned dollar and take every
opportunity to add value for you and to help streamline costs wherever possible.

  • Basic
  • $29
  • per month, paid annually, plus tax.
  • Complete Records Quickly from a Recommendation, Print Safety Documents, Maintain Inventory and Email Reports
  • Pay Nothing Now… Try Mobile Free
  • Professional
  • $49
  • per month, paid annually, plus tax.
  • Basic features, plus:
    Create New Recommendations, Import Recs from Other Systems, Connect Selectively to Packer and Run Advanced Reports
  • Pay Nothing Now… Try Mobile Free
  • Enterprise
  • Call
  • We’ll Work Out A Perfect Plan
  • Add Dynamic Spray Groups, Advanced Rec Templates, User Management, Vendors, Pricing, Purchases and Automated Inventory Management Remote Backups, SLA, NDA…
  • 1-888-610-4230

Still need a hand deciding? Download the pricing and plan comparison guide here.

Free Grower is a plan that enables you to setup your fields, view and print recommendations at no cost for up to 160 acres. You cannot make application records or connect to a packer but you can see all your information and print it for your records. Click here to signup.

All plans are subject to the Terms of Service in the Master Services Agreement. Plus tax where applicable. Base plans include service for up to 160 acres. Nominal fees for larger growers. Please see us for details.

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